List of Journals
Sr. No.Journal IDJournal Name
1ACCAccident and Compensation Cases
2ACC(SC)Accident and Compensation Cases (SC)
3ACJAccidents Claims Journal
4ABR(CRL)All India Bombay High Court Criminal
5AICAll India Cases
6AIHCAll India High Court Cases
7FAJ-CAll India Prevention of Food Adulteration Jourl(C)
8FAJAll India Prevention of Food Adulteration Journal
9AIRAll India Reporter
10ABRAll India Reports- Bombay High Court Reports
11CDRAll India Reports- Current Diwani Reports
12AJRAll India Reports- Jharkhand High Court Reports
13AKRAll India Reports- Karnataka High Court Reports
14ALLMRAll Maharashtra Law Reporter
15ALLMR(Cri)All Maharashtra Law Reporter (Cri)
16ALLMR1All Maharashtra Law Reporter (Cri)(SC)
17ALLMR(Cr)JAll Maharashtra Law Reporter (Criminal)- Journal
18ALLMR (SC)All Maharashtra Law Reporter SC
19ALLMR(JR)All Maharashtra Law Reporter- Journal
20ALLCCAllahabad Criminal cases
21ALLCCSuppAllahabad Criminal Cases (Suppl.)
22ACRAllahabad Criminal Rulings
23ACR(SC)Allahabad Criminal Rulings (SC)
24ACR(Vol)Allahabad Criminal Rulings (with Volume)
25ADJAllahabad Daily Judgments
26ADJ(Supp)Allahabad Daily Judgments (Suppl.)
27ALJAllahabad Law Journal
28ALRAllahabad Law Reports
29ARCAllahabad Rent Cases
30AWCAllahabad Weekly Cases
31AWC(WV)Allahabad Weekly Cases
32AWC-CAllahabad Weekly Cases
33AWC(Supp)Allahabad Weekly Cases (Supp - SC)
34AWCSuppWVAllahabad Weekly Cases(Suppl.)
35AWC-SCAllahabad Weekly Cases- Supreme Court
36AWRAllahabad Weekly Reporter
37ALT(Crl.)SAndhara Law Times (Cri)- Supreme Court (Current)
38ALT (Crl.)Andhara Law Times (Criminal) Current
39ALT(Rev)Andhara Law Times (Revenue)
40ALT(Rev)SCAndhara Law Times (Revenue) SC
41ALD(Cons.)Andhara Legal Decisions- Consumer Cases
42ALTAndhra Law Times
43ALT(Cri)Andhra Law Times (Criminal)
44ALT(Cri)SCAndhra Law Times (Criminal)
45ALT(Supp)Andhra Law Times (Supplement)
46ALT(SC)Andhra Law Times(SC)
47ALD(Cri)Andhra Legal Decision (Criminal)
48ALD(Supp)Andhra Legal Decision (supplement)
49ALDAndhra Legal Decisions
50ALD(Cr-WC)Andhra Legal Decisions (Criminal)- With Court
51ALD-SCAndhra Legal Decisions With Court
52APLJAndhra Pradesh Law Journal
53APSTJAndhra Pradesh Sales Tax Journal
54AnWRAndhra Weekly Reporter
55An.W.R.Andhra Weekly Reporter (Accident)
56ADApex Decision
57AD (S.C.)Apex Decisions (Supreme Court)
58ARBLRArbitration Law Reporter
59ARBLR(Sup)Arbitration Law Reporter(Supplement)
60AWR(WC)AWR Without Court
61AWR(WCWV)AWR Without Court Without Volume
62AWR(WV)AWR without volume
63BCBanking Cases
64BC-SCBanking Cases with court
65B.L.R.Bengal Law Reports
66BLJRBihar Law Journal Reports
67BHLJBihar Law Judgments
68BLJBilaspur Law Journal
69BomCRBombay Cases Reporter
70BomCR(Cri)Bombay Cases Reporter (Criminal)
71BomCR-CriVBombay Cases Reporter (Criminal)With Volume
72BomCRSuppBombay Cases Reporter(Supp)
73BOMLRBombay Law Reporter
74N.W.P.British Law Reports
75Agra F.B.British Law Reports(Agra F.B.)
76BusLRBusiness Law Reports
77CHNCalcutta High Court Notes
78CHN(SC)Calcutta High Court Notes (SC)
79CHN-CCalcutta High Court Notes- With Court
80CLJCalcutta Law Journal
81CLJ(Court)Calcutta Law Journal
82CALLRCalcutta Law Reports
83CALLTCalcutta Law Times
84CWNCalcutta Weekly Notes
85CGBCLJChhattisgarh Bar Council Law Journal
86CGLJChhattisgarh Law Judgments
87CGLJ (C)Chhattisgarh Law Judgments (With Court)
88L.T.C.Chhattisgarh Law Times And Cases
89CivilCCCivil Court Cases
90CivilCCSupCivil Court Cases (Supp)
91CivilCC(V)Civil Court Cases (with volume)
92CompCasCompany Cases
93CompLJCompany Law Journal
94CompATCompetition Law Reports
95CSConsumer Cases
96C.P.C.Consumer Protection Cases
97CPJConsumer Protection Judgments
98CTLJContracts and Tenders Law Journal
99CLACorporate Law Adviser
100CLA-BL-SupCorporate Law Advisor – Business Law Supplement
102CrimesCrimes (With Court)
103CriminalCCCriminal Court Cases
104CriLJCriminal Law Journal
105CCRCurrent Criminal Reports
106CCR(SC)Current Criminal Reports (SC)
107CTCCurrent Tamil Nadu Cases
108CTRCurrent Tax Reporter
109CLRCuttack Law Reports
110CLR(SC)Cuttack Law Reports (Supreme Court)
111CLTCuttack Law Times
112CLT(SC)Cuttack Law Times (SC)
113CLTSupCrCuttack Law Times (Supplementary Criminal)
114CLTSupCrSCCuttack Law Times (Supplementary Criminal)(SC)
115CLTSuppCuttack Law Times (Supplementary)
116CLTSuppSCCuttack Law Times (Supplementary) (SC)
117DLTDelhi Law Times
118DLT(SC)Delhi Law Times (SC)
119DLT(WV)Delhi Law Times (Without volume)
120DRJDelhi Reported Journal
121DRJSuppDelhi Reported Journal (Suppl)
122DRJSupp NVDelhi Reported Journal (Suppl)without Volume
123DMCDivorce and Matrimonial Cases
124DMC(SC)Divorce and Matrimonial Cases (SC)
125ESCEducation and Service Cases
127ELREnergy Law Reports
128FLTEnvironmental and Forest Law Times
129ECCExcise & Customs Cases
130ECR 2Excise and Custom Reports (Cencus)
131ECR 1Excise and Custom Reports (Volume)
132ECRExcise and Custom Reports (Without Volume)
133ELTExcise Law Times
134FLRFactory Law Reporter
135F.C.R.Federal Court Reports
136GLDGauhati Law Decisions
137GLDSuppGauhati Law Decisions Supp
138GauLRGauhati Law Reports
139GLTGauhati Law Times
140GLT(SC)Gauhati Law Times (SC)
141GLT(Supp)Gauhati Law Times (Supp)
142GLT(Court)Gauhati Law Times- With Court
144GSTRGoods And Service Tax Reports
145GSTLGST Law Times
146GLHGujarat Law Herald
147GLH-WVGujarat Law Herald (Without Volume)
148GLRGujarat Law Reporter
149GLR (FB)Gujarat Law Reporter (FB)
150GLR (SC)Gujarat Law Reporter (SC)
151ILR(Su)DelILR Delhi Supplement
152ILR(Ker)ILR Kerala
153ILR(LAH)ILR Lahore
154ILR-Mad-WVILR Madras Without Volume
155ILR(PAT)ILR Patna
156ILR (Raj)ILR Rajasthan
157ILR(RANG)ILR Rangoon
159ITRIncome Tax Reporter
160ITDIncome-tax Tribunal Decisions
161I.D (O.S.)Ind de. (OLD SERIES)
162I.D (N.S.)Ind. De. (NEW SERIES)
163Ind.Cas.Indian Cases
164ILRIndian Law Reports
165ILR (AP)Indian Law Reports (Andhra Pradesh)
166ILR (Bom)Indian Law Reports (Bombay)
167ILR (Cal)Indian Law Reports (Calcutta)
168ILR (Del)Indian Law Reports (Delhi)
169ILR(Del)CIndian Law Reports (Delhi) Current
170ILR (HP)Indian Law Reports (Himachal Series)
171ILR (Kar)Indian Law Reports (Karanataka)
172ILR (MP)Indian Law Reports (M. P.)
173ILR (Mad)Indian Law Reports (Madras)
174ILR (Nag)Indian Law Reports (Nagpur)
175ILR (PC)Indian Law Reports (P C)
176ILR (Pun)Indian Law Reports (Punjab)
177ILR(Supp)Indian Law Reports (Supp)
178ILR (All)Indian Law Reports (Uttar Pradesh)
179ILR (Gua)Indian Law Reports Gauhati
181ITDSBITD Special Bench
182ITR(Trib)ITR'S Tribunal Tax reports
183JLJJabalpur Law Journal
184JLJ(WV)Jabalpur Law Journal
185JLJ(SC)Jabalpur Law Journal (SC)
186JLJ(SC-WV)Jabalpur Law Journal (SC)
187JCRJharkhand Cases Reporter
188J.L.J.R.Jharkhand Law Journal Reports
189JKJJK Judgments
190JKJ [SC]JK Judgments [SC]
191JCCJournal Of Criminal Cases
192JCC(SC)Journal Of Criminal Cases (SC)
193JCC[Narc]Journal of Criminal Cases- Narcotics
194JCC (NI)Journal of Criminal Cases-NI
195JTJudgment Today
196JT (WV)Judgment Today (JT without Vol)
197JT (Suppl)Judgment Today Supplement (With Vol)
198JT(Supp)WVJudgment Today Supplement (Without Volume)
199KCCR(SC)Karnataka Civil & Criminal Reporter- Supreme Court
200KCCRKarnataka Civil and Criminal Reporter
201KCCRSNKarnataka Civil and Criminal Reporter (Shorn Note)
202KarLJKarnataka Law Journal
203KarLJ(sc)Karnataka Law Journal- Supreme Court
204KHCKerala High Court
205KHC(WC)Kerala High Court
206KLJKerala Law Journal
207KLJ(WV)Kerala Law Journal (Without Volume)
208KLTKerala Law Times
209KLT(SN)Kerala Law Times (short notes)
210KLT (SC)Kerala Law Times (With Court)
212LabICLabour and Industrial cases
213LLJLabour Law Journal
214LLJ(Supp)Labour Law Journal (Supp)
215LLNLabour Law Notes
216LLRLabour Law Reporter
217LSLaw Summary
218LW(Crl)Law Weekly (Criminal)
219LW(Crl)WVLaw Weekly (Criminal) - (Without volume)
220LW(WV)Law Weekly (without volume )
221LWLaw Weekly-(With Volume)
222LLTLucknow Law Times
223MPJRM.P. Judicial Reporter
224MPJR-CGM.P. Judicial Reporter(CG)
225MPJR(SC)M.P. Judicial Reporter(SC)
226MPLJ1M.P. Law Journal
227MPLJM.P. Law Journal
228MPLJ(SC)M.P. Law Journal(SC)
229MPLTMadhya Pradesh Law Times
230M.H.C.R.Madras High Court Report
231Mad. H.C.Madras High Court Report
232Mad. HCRMadras High Court Report
233MLJMadras Law Journal
234MLJ(Crl)Madras Law Journal (Criminal)
235MLJ(Crl)VMadras Law Journal (Criminal) With Volume
236MLJ(CrlSC)Madras Law Journal (Criminal)- Supreme Court
237MLJ(SC)Madras Law Journal (SC)
242MhLjMaharashtra Law Journal
243MhLJ-SC-WVMaharashtra Law Journal (SC) (Without Vol)
244MhLJ1Maharashtra Law Journal (without Vol)
245MhLJ(SC)Maharashtra Law Journal SC
248M.I.A.Moores Indian Appeals
249MPHTMP High Court Today
250MPHT(CG)MP High Court Today with court
251MysLJMysore Law Journal
252MysLJ(SC)Mysore Law Journal (SC)
253NLJNagpur Law Journal
254NLRNagpur Law Reports
255N.C.C.Nainital Criminal Cases
256N.C.C.(VW)Nainital Criminal Cases (without volume)
257OCROrissa Criminal Reporter
258OCR(SC)Orissa Criminal Reporter(Supreme Court)
259OLROrissa Law Reviews
260OLR (SC)Orissa Law Reviews (SC)
261OLR(Supp)Orissa Law Reviews Supplementary
262OCOUDH Cases
263PTCPatent & Trade Marks Cases
264PLJRPatna Law Journal Reports
265PLJR(WV)Patna Law Journal Reports
266PLJR(Supp)Patna Law Journal Reports (supplement)
267PLRPunjab Law Reporter
268RLRRajasthan Law Reporter
269RLWRajasthan Law Weekly
270RLW(Suppl)Rajasthan Law Weekly (Suppl)
271RLW(Curr)Rajasthan Law Weekly Current
272RAJRajdhani Law Reporter
273RArJRecent Arbitration Judgments
274RAJ(SC)Recent Arbitration Judgments (SC)
275RCRRecent Civil Reports (mix court)
276RCR(Crim)Recent Criminal Reports (mix court)
277RRRRecent Revenue Report
278RCR(Rent)Rent Control Reporter (mix court)
279RDRevenue Decisions
280RDSuppRevenue Decisions (Supp)
281RLTRevenue Law Times
282STCSales Tax Cases
283SCCSupp1SCC Supp Volume
284SCCSupp2SCC Supp without Volume
285SCRSupp1SCR Supp with bracket in vol
286SCRSupp2SCR Supp without bracket in Vol
287SCR no volSCR Supp without Volume
288SCLSebi and Corporate laws
289Sel.Rep.Sel Rep
290SOTSelected Orders of ITAT
291SCTService Cases Today
292STJService Tax Journal
293STRService Tax Review
294SLJServices Law Journal
295SLRServices Law Reporter
296SLR(SC)Services Law Reporter (SC)
297ShimLCShimla Law Cases
298SimLC(Sup)Shimla Law Cases (Supp)
299ShimLC(WV)Shimla Law Cases Without Volume
300SILRSikkim Law Reports
301SCALESupreme Court Almanac
302SCALE(Sup)Supreme Court Almanac Supp
303SCCSupreme Court Cases
304SCC(Cri)Supreme Court Cases (Criminal)
305SCC(Cri)WvSupreme Court Cases (Criminal)
306SCC(LS)Supreme Court Cases (Labour and Services)
307SCC(LS)WvSupreme Court Cases (Labour and Services)
308SCC(Tax)Supreme Court Cases (Taxation)
310SCRSupreme Court Reporter
311TTJTax Tribunal Judgments
312TAXLRTaxation Law Reporter
314STTTaxman's Service Tax Today
315CG.L.R.WThe Chhattisgarh Law Reports (Weekly)
316CG.L.R.W-CThe Chhattisgarh Law Reports (Weekly)- With Court
317LT (CG)The Chhattisgarh State & Central Law Times
318ILR(CUT)The Indian Law Reports Cuttack Series
319Ind.Ap.The Law Report - Indian Appeals
320Ind.Ap.svThe Law Report - Indian Appeals(Supp. Vol.)
321UJThe Unreported Judgments
322WBLRThe West Bengal Law Reporter
323TACTransport & Accident Cases (TAC) (mix court)
324TTJ(UO)Tribunal Judgements -Unreported Orders
325TLRTripura Law Reports
326UPLBECU.P. Local Bodies & Educational Cases
327U.P.L.J.Unique Purpose Law Journal
328UCUttaranchal Cases
329UDUttaranchal Decisions
331VRVat Reporter
332WLNWeekly Law Notes
333WLNRevWeekly Law Notes Revenue
334WLNUCWeekly Law Notes UC
335WLNWVWeekly Law Notes Without Volume
336WLN-CWeekly Law Notes- With Court
337WLCWestern Law Cases
338WLC(Raj)UCWestern Law Cases (Raj) UC
339WritLRWrit Law Reporter
340WritLR(V)Writ Law Reporter(V)